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A Brief History

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Greenfield Noodle & Specialty Co did not start its long history in the noodle business.  The Company was founded in 1903 and was called Detroit Egg Biscuit & Specialty Co.  As you can guess, they made a hard egg biscuit called cracknel which was a common lunch food in the days before refrigeration.   The company was purchased by three rabbis from Israel in 1948, Eugene, Abe and Ernest Greenfield.  The Greenfield brothers continued to make cracknel, but as the demand for cracknel declined (not surprising as few people even know what it is anymore) they knew they needed to make a change. 

As the story goes, the workers who made the cracknel would take the left over scraps and roll them into noodles.  They would take the noodles home to feed family and neighbors in the Detroit area.  Soon demand for the noodles became greater than for the cracknel and in 1951 the Detroit Egg Biscuit & Specialty Co officially became Greenfield Noodle & Specialty Co.

In 1975, the business was sold to Jack Peltz, with the last remaining rabbi, Ernest remaining on staff for rabbinical supervision.  In 1989, the business was then sold to Kenny Michaels, who had been running the company since 1975.

The Michaels family continues the legacy of the Greenfield brothers and continues to make kosher noodles under the supervision of the Orthodox Union in the same way that they did since 1951.  The process is definitely more labor intensive and time consuming than more modern production techniques, but the far superior quality of the product makes it worth the extra work.  Try some Greenfield Noodles today and taste the difference!

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