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Pasta Ingredients
Image by Vika Aleksandrova
Gourmet Pasta Dish
making pasta
Image by Eaters Collective

Greenfield Noodle Co

Greenfield Noodle & Specialty Co is based out of Detroit, Michigan and has been dedicated to providing delicious kosher noodles to customers nationwide since its founding in 1951.  We use the same techniques for our noodles today that were used when the company was founded because we choose to not sacrifice quality for quantity.  Our noodles are all rolled out by hand, never extruded, which creates a much richer texture that won't break down in soups and holds sauce far better.  You may think that a noodle is just a noodle, but I invite you to try our hand rolled, slow dried noodles and experience how deliciously superior our noodles truly are!

Fresh Pasta
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